Chalazion (stye)


 Chalazion, commonly called a “stye”, “Meibomian cyst” or simply a “cyst”, is a benign, round nodule on the eyelid (upper or lower) associated with a blockage of oil (Meibomian) gland(s).  Often, a chalazion self resolves over varying duration.  At times, however, it can become infected and inflamed with resultant erythema and oedema, leading to periocular cellulitis and possible scarring.  Management options include observation with frequent warm compresses, particularly in the initial stage.  Alternatively, surgical incision and drainage of the chalazion would also be reasonable at a later stage, if the conservative measures fail.  In an adult, surgical intervention would be possible under local anaesthesia in an outpatient setting; however, in a child, general anaesthesia in a hospital setting would be warranted.

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