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Congratulations to Kristina for graduating as an optometrist from QUT and all the best with her move interstate to start her new optometry position.

Kristina is one of a number of 5th year students who undertake placements at Terrace Eye Centre as part of their course and then join then join us as ophthalmic assistants. Here is what Kristina has to say about her experience with us….

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work at the Terrace Eye Centre. It was an invaluable experience for me as an Optometry student and I couldn’t recommend it enough to other students. It is an opportunity to be on the receiving end of optometry referrals which allows you to learn about the next stage of the patients journey once they have been sent to a specialist. It’s also a great chance to work alongside doctors and learn from their approach and management of ocular conditions, as well as honing in on your preliminary testing skills. This job has given me confidence in my future endeavours as an optometrist and I am so grateful to the amazing team at Terrace Eye Centre for their guidance and support.”

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