Professor Tim Sullivan was the Keynote Speaker for the Annual British Oculoplastic Surgical Society Meeting in Dublin.

Held in June 2018, where he spoke on a range of topics including “Surgical approaches to the orbit”, “Eyelid malignancies and eyelid reconstruction”, “Blunt and penetrating orbital trauma” and “My approach to upper eyelid retraction”. Dr Yun Wong, Prof Sullivan’s last Fellow, presented “Endovascular treatment of carotid-cavernous sinus fistulas: ophthalmic and visual outcomes from the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital”.

He then went to Barcelona for the World Ophthalmology Congress, where he gave a number of invited presentations on a broad range of topics including “Genetics of Orbital Tumour and Targeted Therapy”, “Paediatric Orbital Tumours”, “Overall Approach to Paediatric Proptosis” and “Reconstruction Post Tumour removal in the Exenterated Socket”.

Later in the year he will become the second Australian Ophthalmologist to Chair the Cambridge Ophthalmological Symposium held in St John’s College Cambridge. This year the theme of the meeting is Thyroid Eye Disease. In addition to Chairing the meeting, he will be speaking on Paediatric Thyroid Eye Disease. He will also close the meeting with a Summary and Discussion on Models of Disease Management and Strategies for the future.

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