For Urgent Or Emergency Appointments, Please Phone Us On 3831 0101


How long will I need to wait to get an appointment to see a doctor?

The waiting time to see an ophthalmologist for a consultation at the Terrace Eye Centre fluctuates and varies from doctor to doctor. Our staff will do their best to make an appointment for you with the doctor of your choice, at a time and on a day that suits your requirements. If your doctor is heavily booked and it is not possible to make an appointment for you within the timeframe you require, you may elect to see one of our other doctors, but you are under no obligation to do so. Our staff will advise you of the options that are available to you.

If my condition deteriorates what should I do?

If at any point before your initial appointment your condition deteriorates, a new referral to be triaged is required from your referring doctor stating the urgency.

At any point before you next review appointment should your condition deteriorate please contact us to discuss.

How much will my appointment cost?

The amount your consultation will cost is dependent on the doctor you are seeing, the condition you have been referred for and the tests required. Please discuss with the reception staff when you make your appointment.

Is my treatment covered by Medicare?

If you are a Medicare cardholder, and you have a current referral, you will be able to claim a Medicare benefit to cover part of the cost of your consultations and treatment provided at the Terrace Eye Centre. Our staff will be happy to provide you with information how much you are able to claim, at the time of your visit.  We are able to process this claim electronically to Medicare.  Please be aware that some of the diagnostic scans required do not attract a Medicare rebate.

Is my treatment covered by Private Health Insurance?

If you have private health insurance, it will usually cover part of the medical fees you incur for any treatment provided as an in-patient in a hospital or a day surgery.  Your private health insurance does not cover the cost of consultations or treatment provided as an out-patient at the Terrace Eye Centre.

Do we Bulk Bill? 

No, the Terrace Eye Centre is a private practice and as a rule we do not bulk bill.

Do we treat Department of Veteran Affairs patients?

Yes, the Terrace Eye Centre will treat all patients covered by the Department of Veteran Affairs patients as long as they have a current referral.

Do we have parking available? 

We do not have parking available for our building.  However we currently have arrangements with the Astor Terrace car park, located at 28 Astor Terrace for a reduced rate for up to three hours of parking.  Upon request our staff can supply you with a voucher to receive the discount.  Alternatively there are other car parks located on Astor Terrace or Turbot street or there is limited metered street parking in the area.

Can I drive after my appointment?

We recommend when possible not to drive yourself to any of your appointments, especially if this is your first visit to the Terrace Eye Centre.  The doctor’s may be required to dilate your eyes during your consultation.  If you receive these drops you will not be able to drive for a period of several hours afterwards until the drops have worn off (the time this takes with vary from person to person).

How long will my appointment take?

During your appointment you will undertake a number or diagnostic assessments and you may require dilating drops, for this reason your appointment can take some time.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

To you appointment please bring:

Will my eye’s be dilated?

Depending on the doctor you are seeing and the condition you have been referred for you may require dilating drops. Some patients and conditions require dilation at every visit. It is often difficult for our staff to determine if dilating drops will not be required it is for this reason that we recommend that patients come prepared to be dilated at every visit to the Terrace Eye Centre. If you require any further information regarding this please speak to the staff when making your appointment.

Is there a waiting list for surgery?

Most of the doctors serviced by Terrace Eye Centre perform surgery at a number of local hospitals and day surgery facilities. Waiting time for surgery varies from doctor to doctor but in most cases, surgery can be booked within a few weeks, rather than months. Special arrangements can be made for surgery that is regarded as being “urgent”. Our staff will discuss the options that are available to you.

What hospital’s do the doctors operate at? 

Most of the Terrace Eye Centre doctors perform surgery at a number of local hospitals and day surgery facilities  These hospitals are both private and public, with some of our doctors able to perform surgeries as an Intermediate patient at one of the public hospitals.  To find out what hospitals your doctor can operate at, please speak with one of our reception staff when making your appointment.

What tests or procedures are undertaken in the rooms?

At the Terrace Eye Centre we have the facilities to perform a number of assessments and minor procedures in the rooms, saving an unnecessary hospital admission.  We are able to perform most base line testing including: Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT), Pentacam (corneal mapping), AScan (Lens measurements), OPTOS photography, BScan (Ocular Ultrasound), Visual Fields, Fluroscein and ICG Angiography.  We are also able to perform most laser treatments.  In addition to this baseline testing, our specialist doctors are able to administer intravitreal injections to treat a number of eye conditions.  At the Terrace Eye Centre we have a Minor Procedures room in which the doctors are able to perform minor surgeries and procedures such as removal of cysts and styes and biopsies of skin lesions around the eye if clinically appropriate.  A recent addition to our facility is the Eyecubed IPL for the treatment of dry eyes.  If you require any further information regarding procedures that can be performed in the rooms please speak to one of our reception staff when you make your appointment.

Do I need to remove my contact lenses?

Yes, you will be required to remove your contact lenses at some point during your consultation.  If possible it is best to remove them prior to coming to the appointment and wear your glasses for the duration.  If this is not possible, please ensure you bring a container to place them in whilst you undertake your consultation.  For certain measurements, your contact lenses may need to be removed for a period of time prior, please speak to one of the reception staff if you have any queries regarding this.

What should I expect at my appointment

Once your have checked in with the reception staff you will see an Ophthalmic Assistant.  During this time the Ophthalmic Assistant will take your history and perform a number of baseline assessments for example, your visual acuities.  Depending on the condition you have been referred for the Ophthalmic Assistant may do some further testing prior to you seeing the doctor.  They will also administer the dilating drops if required.  Once this initial work-up and assessment has been performed you will see the doctor.  The doctor will conduct their assessment and consultation and if required will arrange for the assistant to organise any further testing or set-up for any procedures required.  As a result of the number of different assessments that need to be undertaken your appointment can take some time.

Is the clinic wheelchair accessible and are there facilities? 

The clinic is situated on the 2nd Floor of 87 Wickham Terrace and as a result is only accessible by lift.  The building has stair free access from Wickham Terrace   There are disabled toilets located on the ground floor of the building.

Are you close to public transport? 

Yes, the Terrace Eye Centre is conveniently located across the road from the Wickham Terrace exit of Central Railway station.  There are also a number of bus stops in the area.

Who can come with me to my appointment? 

If you desire you are welcome to bring a support person with you to all your appointments at the Terrace Eye Centre.

What facilities are there for my child?

We have baby change facilities within the clinic.  We also have a ‘kids corner’ with some toys and a television.  Due to the length of most child appointments we encourage parents bring sufficient entertainment, food and supplies (e.g. nappies).