Terrace Eye Centre has long participated in the ophthalmological clearance for military aviation

and is now able to also provide the clearance for the private sector, as Dr Michael Hogden and Dr Sonia Ahn Yuen have become the Designated Aviation Ophthalmologists (DAO) certified by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). Ophthalmological clearance for the purpose of aviation follows a strict protocol in order to ensure safety for both the military and the public, and we will continue to assist in this process by providing a complete and clinically responsible assessment and care. Please ensure that any CASA related ophthalmological assessment need is clearly indicated in the referral (or by the patient seeking an assessment without the referral) in order that the assessment provided includes all the parameters stipulated by CASA. Terrace Eye Centre looks forward to being a part of the global CASA community and aviation medicine in general.