The Terrace Eye Centre has recently acquired the glaucoma premium module upgrade for its Heidelberg Spectralis Optical Coherence Tomograph.

This upgrade adds significantly to the information available from the OCT scanning process. The accuracy of both nerve fibre layer and optic discs scan is substantially improved with this technology. The anatomic positioning system ensures that there is correct calculation of the axis from the centre of the fovea to the centre of the disc, defined anatomically as the centre of the Bruch’s membrane opening. This axis is variable from patient to patient and at times can result in misinterpretation of data.

The upgraded program also allows the measurement of a new parameter, the Bruch’s membrane minimum rim width performed with 24 radial scans. These measurements have been shown to perform with a sensitivity and specificity that is at least as good as and perhaps somewhat better than a nerve fibre layer thickness scans. As well, nerve fibre layer thickness measurements are improved with three concentric circle scans all centered on the central point of the Bruch’s membrane opening. This allows a better interpretation for significant peripapillary atrophy or tilted discs.

This new technology will add substantially to the accuracy of scans both for diagnosis and assessing progression in glaucoma patients.