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Callisto Eye® and Verion™ toric IOL marking systems

When patients have their cataracts removed, an intraocular lens (IOL) is implanted within the eye to focus the light in order to achieve good vision. In patients who have significant astigmatism, a specialised IOL called a ‘toric’ IOL may be required.



Toric IOL implantation requires marking an axis on the eye that guides its implantation during surgery. Previously, this was required to be manually done before surgery, and can be susceptible to variability as the eye can undergo positional changes depending on patient posture and anaesthesia given.

With the advent of cutting-edge computer assisted marking systems such as the Callisto Eye® and Verion™, the precision and control with which toric and premium IOLs can be implanted is enhanced. A reference image is acquired from the patient’s eye during their pre-operative appointment, and this image is then transferred into the eyepiece of the operating microscope for the surgeon when the patient is having their cataract surgery. This eliminates transcription errors and makes toric IOL alignment much more precise, which results in better refractive outcomes for the patient.