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Cross-linking by Peschke Trade

CXL – Corneal Cross-linking

Corneal cross-linking (CXL) is a treatment with the aim of strengthening the corneal stromal tissue. This is achieved by the creation of new chemical bonds between stromal fibers. In recent years corneal cross-linking has become the standard procedure for treating patients with progressive keratoconus and other ectatic corneal diseases because of its effectiveness and lack of serious side effects. Corneal cross-linking is a process of photopolymerization. During this process of photopolymerization singlet oxygen is being created with the use of riboflavin as a photomediator activated by UV-light. Free radicals lead to physical intra- and interhelical cross-links of stromal collagen fibers. This process takes place mainly in the anterior 150 μ of the stroma. The Peschke cross-linking system was designed with a special focus on effectiveness, safety and user flexibility. It comprises a single UV diode and special optics to homogenise the beam. This avoids hot spots and the  endothelium is protected. The UV output is automatically calibrated internally before each treatment to maximise safety. To offer more flexibility, it enables the surgeon to choose the ideal energy/time combination for each patient.