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Pentacam® by Oculus

The OCULUS Pentacam® is a high-resolution rotating Scheimpflug camera and slit illumination system that enables precise and reliable imaging and analysis of the anterior segment structures of the eye such as the cornea, iris and crystalline lens. Images only take 2 seconds to acquire, and do not require any contact with the eye. A 3-dimensional virtual model of the anterior segment is then constructed, and approximately 25,000 data points are used to calculate corneal topography and elevation on the front and back surface, total corneal power as well as anterior chamber depth and volume amongst other parameters. There are many additional features available on this machine that aid the diagnosis and management of anterior segment diseases such as keratoconus, and assist in pre-operative planning for cataract, corneal and refractive surgery. This is especially helpful for patients who have previously had laser vision correction, and enables detailed analysis of different parameters to optimize post-operative outcomes for patients.